Save and manage iPhone notes on PC

Many people take notes on their iPhone on a regular basis, not least for keeping important information that can be reviewed at a later time.

Whether you use the iPhone to do business or in private, taking notes on the iPhone is as easy as it gets. Not so if you are trying to backup iPhone notes or transfer them to a new iPhone or iPad. Neither iTunes, nor iCloud provide simple-enough solutions to backup and transfer iPhone notes.

iCloud has improved things, but what if you want to keep your iPhone notes offline, away from third-party servers? And what if only some of your iPhone notes are in iCloud? This is where CopyTrans Contacts comes to the rescue. CopyTrans Contacts is a PC-based utility which allows you to easily transfer, edit and export iPhone notes. Read on and find out how intuitive managing iPhone notes with CopyTrans Contacts is.

Save iPhone notes to PC

To get started, download CopyTrans Contacts from the following page:

backup and edit iphone notes

iPhone notes backup and export

To save a backup of the iPhone notes, run CopyTrans Contacts and connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod to the PC.

  1. From the main program window, click on the notes icon in the left-hand side pane and stand-by for your notes to display iphone notes on computer screen
  2. Select the notes you want to backup and click the “Export selected” button backup iphone notes to a PC folder
  3. From the newly-opened window, click “File” you can also export the selected iPhone notes directly to Outlook on your PC backup iphone notes to file or to outlook
  4. Choose the destination folder on the PC where to save the iPhone notes and click “OK”. The selected iPhone notes are backed up as readily-accessible files on your computer. In this case, we chose to backup the iPhone notes to the PC Desktop. pc folder where to backup iphone ipad notes

The selected iPhone notes are backed up as readily-accessible files on your computer. iphone notes shown as files on computer

Import notes to iPhone

To import notes from your PC to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch connect the device to the PC and click “Import notes”. import notes to iphone

Select whether to import from file or directly from Outlook on you PC pc file to iphone notes

If importing from files on your PC, navigate to the folder that contains the previously backed up iPhone notes and select the notes that you want to import. Confirm your choice with “OK”. select notes to transfer to iphone

That’s it. All your notes have been successfully imported to the new iPhone. newly imported notes appear on iphone

Edit iPhone notes from PC

The possibility to take or edit iPhone notes directly from your PC is pretty handy. Imagine how much easier it is to convert physical keyboard strokes on your PC into words and paragraphs directly saved to your iPhone notes.

Connect your iPhone to the computer and select the note that you wish to edit. Use the right mouse click or the pencil above the note to open the edit mode. Once you added, deleted or modified the note don’t forget to click on the “Save” button to apply the changes to the iPhone. iphone notes edit from pc

Add and delete iPhone notes

You can create and type-in new iPhone notes. To do so, click on the “+ New note” button. take iphone notes from pc

To delete iPhone notes. Select the note you wish to delete and click the red X button. delete multiple iphone notes at once

Move notes between iPhone and online accounts

In just a click, you can move or copy one or multiple notes from say the iPhone local memory to iCloud or Gmail. To do so, select the note you wish to transfer, right-click and choose “Move to” or “Copy to”. Then select the respective cloud account. transfer local iphone notes to icloud account

You need to connect your iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo account with the program first which is quick and easy as in 1. 2. 3. connect icloud notes account with copytrans contacts

iPhone notes synced to your iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo account will appear with small cloud, envelope, or Y! icons to their right. icloud notes displaying on pc

In short: CopyTrans Contacts is a very useful tool for PC users, who are looking for an easy and efficient way to manage their iPhone address books and notes. If you want to try it out by yourself you can find further information and the download on the following page: Export iPhone notes to PC