How to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes

You may be surprised that iTunes won’t allow you to transfer songs from iPhone back to the library on your PC unless you purchased the songs from the iTunes store. This is particularly bothersome when you are dealing with a new PC and an empty iTunes library or when the PC crashed and you are desperately trying to recover the songs and playlists from your iPhone or iPod.

Don’t worry; here’s a quick and automatic way to get music on your computer from any iPhone: iPhone 6s included. The method supports all the latest Windows versions, including Windows 10. Let’s begin.

Let’s transfer iPhone to iTunes in 4 easy steps

  1. First, get CopyTrans on your PC from the following page

    Click here to download CopyTrans now

    copytrans download page

  2. Start the program and plug in the iPhone or iPod. The audio and video tracks as well as playlists are displayed in the main program window

    main copytrans window

  3. Click the “Smart backup” button on top. The Smart backup automatically compares the contents of the iTunes library on your PC with the library on the iPhone so if you already have songs in your iTunes library, you won’t end up with duplicated content

    smart backup button

  4. Hang on until the backup completes

    copytrans backup in progress

That’s all. When the backup completes, you have an iTunes library full with iPhone songs and playlists. Enjoy!

itunes library filled with iphone music

Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes – YouTube video tutorial

Watch this 2-minute video tutorial and recover all music and playlists from iPhone to iTunes in no time.

Copy iPhone ringtones, videos, voice memos and more to iTunes

Getting your iPhone ringtones, videos and voice memos to iTunes works in much the same way:

How to backup iPhone ringtones to PC
How to backup iPhone voice memos
How to backup iPhone videos to PC

Transfer iPhone music to an external drive or a selected PC folder

You can alternatively use CopyTrans to copy iPhone music to a selected computer folder or to an external USB drive like a flash thumb-drive.

  1. Start CopyTrans and connect the iPhone or iPod. The iPhone songs are displayed in the main CopyTrans window main copytrans window with iphone tracks and playlists
  2. From the top of the program window, choose “Manual backup” manual backup vs smart backup in copytrans
  3. Select your iPhone music by clicking on “Music” under “Categories” and then checking the box on top of the song list track categories pane in copytrans
  4. Click on the “Folder” button folder button manual backup
  5. Select the destination folder or a USB drive by clicking the blue pencil symbol backup summary window in copytrans
  6. Choose the folder or drive and click OK prompt to choose backup destination drive or folder
  7. Stand-by for the backup to complete backup progress window

That’s all; the iPhone songs are copied to the destination folder or external drive. music album folders in windows explorer window

This is how to use CopyTrans and transfer music from iPhone to computer.