How to backup iPhone messages

iPhone text-message backups made via iTunes or iCloud are notoriously difficult to locate and impossible to view unless you restore back the whole iPhone.

With CopyTrans Contacts it only takes a few clicks to save the iPhone conversations and display them on your computer. You can backup messages such as iPhone SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber and more. This tutorial demonstrates how to backup iPhone text messages in readily viewable and printable files on your PC. Click on one of the below choices:

Backup iPhone SMS and iMessage

  1. Download CopyTrans Contacts from the following page

    download copytrans contacts to backup iphone sms text messages

  2. Install and run the program
  3. Next, connect the iPhone to your PC and click on the speech-bubble icon on the left. Let the iPhone messages load, then click on “SMS/iMessage” under “Sources”. You will see a list of your iPhone SMS and iMessage conversations

    copytrans window displaying iphone text messages on pc

  4. Select the SMS or iMessage conversations you wish to backup. To select a single text message, check the box next to the message list entry. To select all iPhone text messages, check the box next to “Messages”. Once you made your selection, click on the “Export selected” button

    select iphone messages to backup in copytrans main window

  • Choose the type of file in which you wish to export the iPhone messages. We selected “Web page (multiple .html files)” but you can also export the messages in Word, plain text, or Excel files
    please select messages export format
  • Select the PC location where to save the iPhone messages

    browse for pc folder where to backup iphone sms and imessage

  • Each of the backed-up iPhone messages will appear organized in its own folder at the chosen PC location

    iphone message saved as a file in computer folder

  • Double-click on the HTML file in order to display the backed-up conversation including attached photos or any other attachment such as contact files or stickers

    firefox browser window displaying iphone messages on pc

  • Backup WhatsApp and Viber conversations

    Backing up WhatsApp, Viber, and LINE conversations from the iPhone to the PC is done in the same way as described in the steps above.

    1. Download CopyTrans Contacts:

      download copytrans contacts

    2. Install and run the program
    3. Connect the iPhone, click on the speech-bubble icon on the left and Let the iPhone messages load, then click on “WhatsApp”, “Viber” or “Line” under “Sources”. You will see a list of your WhatsApp, Viber, or LINE conversations

      copytrans window displaying whatsapp messages on pc

      NOTE: You need to have the WhatsApp, Viber, or LINE apps installed on your iPhone in order to see these entries in the “Sources” pane

      copytrans listing iphone viber messages

    4. Select the conversations you wish to backup and click “Export selected” and follow the final steps 5. to 8. above. The process of backing up WhatsApp, Viber, and LINE messages is the same

      export selected button in copytrans contacts

    Restore messages to new iPhone

    If you just got a new iPhone, restore the SMS messages from your old iPhone to the new device via CopyTrans Shelbee. CopyTrans Shelbee is a free utility that helps you back up and restore iPhone messages, contacts, apps, app documents, camera roll and iOS settings.

    download copytrans shelbee for free

    Print iPhone text messages

    Printing iPhone SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp or Viber conversations is easy. For the purpose, select the iPhone messages you wish to print from the main CopyTrans Contacts window, click on the “Export selected” button. Then select any of the text message backup formats. We recommend selecting Word, Plain text, or Excel formats as they are most appropriate for printing iPhone text messages

    window listing iphone message backup formats

    Now, open the resulting text document containing the iPhone message and print the conversation directly from the PC.

    word document containing iphone text message to print

    To discover the full array of features in CopyTrans Contacts, check out the following list of online user guides:

    That’s how to backup or print iPhone messages in just a few clicks.