How to backup iPhone or iPad photos

Is your iPad clogged with photos? Did you get the “Cannot Take Photo” message on your iPhone due to “not enough available storage”? It is probably time to back up the photos and free up some much needed space.

iTunes could be a pain to back up photos as it syncs iPad photos in both directions sometimes unexpectedly deleting photos from the device. Keeping photos in iCloud Photo Library is not wise as you’ll end up having to pay for extra iCloud storage in no time.

This tutorial demonstrates how to back up iPhone photos to PC without the need for iTunes or iCloud. The method works with iPad too.

Let’s transfer iPhone photos to PC

  1. Download CopyTrans Contacts from the following page

    Download CopyTrans Photo now

    download copytrans photo

  2. Run the program and connect the iPhone or iPad. The photos saved on the device load on the left-hand side
    copytrans photo main window
  3. Click the “Full Backup” button on top

    full backup button in copytrans photo

  4. Select a place on your PC where to back up the photos and albums and hit “OK”

    popup to choose location where to back up photos

  5. Once the backup completes, you have your entire iPhone photo collection and albums saved to the PC

    windows explorer showing photo folder on windows

Want to transfer only a handful of selected photos? No problem simply select the iPhone album from the far-right side, select a PC folder from the far-left side and then drag-n-drop a selection of photos from the iPhone side to the PC side.

drag and drop photo function in copytrans photo

Don’t forget to click on the “Apply changes button”.

apply changes button

This is how to transfer iPhone photos to PC.

Manage iPhone and iPad photos without iTunes

CopyTrans Photo helps you back up iPhone photos to your PC and to conveniently organize them with ease, speed and features that are foreign to iTunes. But that’s not all. Once the photos were safely copied to the computer, you can use the program to delete them all at once from the iPhone.

You can quickly organize thousands of photos into iPhone albums directly from your PC without the need to fiddle with the device touchscreen. Learn more about what CopyTrans Photo can do by watching the 2-minute YouTube video below or by clicking on a link from the list of tutorials at the bottom.

Click on one of the CopyTrans Photo tutorial links below and supercharge your iPhone photos without iTunes.

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