Easy iPhone backup without iTunes: How to back up and restore iOS content for free

iPhone backups are often a burden but are necessary. When did you last back up your iOS device? Backups made by iTunes are prone to errors and marred in inconvenience while backing up with iCloud often requires more free space than the 5 GB you are entitled to.

This tutorial demonstrates how to back up iPhone to PC reliably, at a convenient location and for free with CopyTrans Shelbee – all without the need for iTunes. Let’s start.

Here’s how easy it is to backup iPhone to PC

CopyTrans Shelbee backs up iPhone apps including app documents, iPhone messages, contacts, calendars and camera roll as well as iPhone settings.

  1. To begin, download CopyTrans Shelbee on your PC


    download copytrans shelbee to backup iphone without itunes

  2. Start the program and connect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you wish to back up
  3. Click “Backup”
    copytrans shelbee main window with backup and restore buttons visible
  4. Next, click “Full backup”

    full backup button in copytrans shelbee window

    If you back up for the second time, use the “Latest changes” feature instead. The “Latest changes” feature allows you to create multiple backup entries for one and the same iPhone. This way, you can create an ample amount of backups to choose from when the time comes to restore. iTunes, on the contrary, overwrites previous backups.

  5. Select the location where you’d like to save the backup by clicking “Change”.
    choose button to select backup location

    Unlike iTunes, you can choose to backup wherever you want. You can even save the iPhone backup on a USB stick.

    select iphone backup folder on pc
  6. Click “Start” to begin the backup

    start iphone backup in shelbee

  7. Let CopyTrans Shelbee complete the backup. At the end, the program validates the integrity of saved files’ for an unbeatable backup reliability

    ios backup in progress

That’s it! You successfully backed up your iPhone.

iphone backup files saved on computer

The backup is saved in an analogous way to the way iTunes backups on your PC are saved. In addition, the backup folder contains your iPhone apps.

Restore iPhone from any computer

Restoring iPhone with CopyTrans Shelbee is equally easy. If you saved the backup to an external drive or a USB stick, you can even restore it from another PC!

  1. To begin the restore, run CopyTrans Shelbee, connect the iPhone and click “Restore”

    restore button in copytrans shelbee start window

  2. Next, click “Change” to select the location of your backup

    change ios backup location

  3. If you made multiple backups chose the entry you wish to restore from

    select backup entry from which to to restore iphone

  4. Click “Start” to begin the restore operation.

    start iphone restore with copytrans shelbee

It is as easy as it gets to backup and restore iPhone with CopyTrans Shelbee.